The Festival

Euro-Via Festival „From Rome to Santiago“


Since 2005 Festival e.V. has been organizing again and again classic concerts named „Euro-Via Festival“. These concerts are especially dedicated to organ music but also include choir and orchestra concerts. In this context the Latin element VIA emphasizes the experience of a „wandering“ music festival along ancient pilgrim routes. In this way the Euro-Via Festival combines art-historically significant churches and places and brings about a lively intercultural exchange of artists, listeners and organizers. A further mosaic stone in the overcoming of European frontiers.

The route of the European Organ Festival – for the first time organized in 2005 – led from Bavaria along the historical Roman road „Via Claudia Augusta“ and ended, after the performance of 50 concerts with an overall audience of more than 10.000 in Venice as a great success.

The following festival „Ways to Rome“ with concerts in 10 European cities like Paris (Notre Dame), London (Westminster), San Sebastian, Porto, Toulouse, Munich, Copenhagen, Gdansk, Linz, Porto, Palermo, Verona and many others, culminated in 2008 in an organ festival week in Rome. In the years 2009 and 2010 the festival „Ways to Rome“ took place once again enlarged by some additional countries, concert halls as well as participating artists.


From 2011 on, after preceding concerts in Rome and Venice (San Marco) the Euro-Via Festival "from Rome to Santiago" will remarkably be extended by putting the main emphasis on Bavaria, the South of France, Portugal and Spain. Once again internationally renowned organ players will give concerts. In addition instrumentalists, choirs (like the „Münchener Bachchor“) and orchestras (members of the „Berliner Philharmoniker“) will be performing. This time the festival focuses on the historic pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostela. Its venues are outstanding places, churches and concert halls such as the castle of Neuschwanstein and the „Münchner Philharmonie“ in Bavaria, the “Berliner Philharmonie”, the Arena of Verona in Italy, the cathedrals of Lausanne, Toulouse and Porto, as well as the cities of Barcelona (Palau de la Música, Sagrada Familia), Burgos, Leon in Spain and last but not least the highlight Santiago de Compostela.


In 2015 and 2016 our initiatives focuse on concerts in Italy. For the first time we organize recitals for organ & choir along the route, which St. Francis choosed travelling to Rome. Florence, Gubbio, Assisi, Todi, Greccio are picturesque places, which bear demonstrably traces of  this saint. In cooperation with the "Pontificio istituto di musica sacra" in Rome and under Cardinal Ravasi's patronage our concert serie " L´organo sul cammino di Francesco" brings together prominent artists in Umbria and Tuscany. In 2016 the Festival is opening with a festival week in major churches of Florence and finishing
in the Foro Romano in Rome with an Open-Air concert.


Johannes Skudlik

Artistic Director